Wooden, Teak and Shisham Doors and Windows Designs

Those who have visited different palaces in India would understand better the elegance of wooden doors and how they can add charm to your home. Such doors are designed delicately, carved scrupulouslyand fixed in a way to create a royal appeal. There is no doubt that the door is the first item that your guests come across in your home. With the right doors in different types of wood including Shisham and Teak wood, you have the chance to create a unique first impression on your guests.

There is no doubt that wood like Mango and meranti havea royal and classic appeal to them without concern for where they are used. Even window-frame designs in Ply and Panel are highly sought after for their elegance, grace and for their traditional feel. It is because of the remarkable features of wood that, people, having tested metal doors and windows for years, have returned to wood. Faridabadis a popular center of furniture artisans in India, who specialize in making wooden doors and windows. These artisans also specialize in creating artwork with Glass, carving and wire mesh.